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Bringing thousands of sites up to standard

BaseKit powers thousands of sites across the world. From blogs to restaurants and fully fledged online stores. All these sites need to be built code that will perform well in vast range of use cases, devices and scenarios. I took on the task of reviewing and refactoring the full range of BaseKit site editor components, which in turn refactored every site on their platform.

The current state

Every web page created in the BaseKit site editor is made up of either markup from a template created by the Template Development Team or from widgets from the editor itself. As part of the Template Development Team I had already pushed for higher quality semantics richer meta data in our custom designed templates so it was only logical to bring the widgets up to this standard. The markup for widgets had only been lightly touched by the Development Team and hadn’t had a major overhaul in year, this was the challenge I needed to tackle.

Skills involved

The result

Vastly better SEO, huge reduction in page errors, modern HTML5 semantics and integrations with search engines and other rich data, more user options for fine grain control of websites, overall improvement of thousands of websites with a single deployment of my changes.