Just get it done

We all suffer from it, 'I'm my own worst client' we say. The scenario is that you've set yourself the task of creating an app, plugin, blog, android or (in my case) personal portfolio website. And thats great, working on your own work is always fun. However it can be far too easy to get stuck in a rut.

It can happen at any point in the project, but most of the time its the final sprint to the finish that (I think) people decide to start walking very slowly. It happened to me on this very website. Every time someone asked "Is it ready yet?" my reply would start with something along the lines of 'Well I just need to…' followed by some ridiculous detail that might not even need doing.

The problem is that we become too precious about our own work and forget about the main task at hand, getting it done! Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy perfecting my own work right down to the last retina sized pixel, but at some point we will have to find out if it floats. What we have to remember is that things can be fixed, amended, reissued very easily these days.

Simply put, don't be scared! It'll be awesome, whatever it is. Just don't let the little things stop you from getting your work out there. If you did do every little thing that you thought of there would be nothing left to evolve with.

Credits: I'd like to thank Pete Rhoades, and his brother Rob, for bothering me about my new website. Now its been launched this is my chance to bother them about their own websites. Come one guys, get on with it!

Cheers, Dave