I listen to too many podcasts

I’ve had to take a break from listening to podcasts as all I’ve been doing in playing catch up with every single episode of them, rather than listening to episodes I actually want to hear.

The list

Here’s a list of everything I am subscribed to on my podcasts app:

That’s a lot, especially how most of them are on a weekly cycle. I wish they were all more like the One Design Podcast and only worked on a fortnightly basis, at least that way I could find a way to keep up.

PS. That list is in order of preference, if you do want to listen to any then start from the top.

In the meantime

For the time being I’ve taken a break and kept to music until I can easily dip my toe back into them again. I realise this might be a bit hypocritical since I work on a podcast in my spare time as well. In this case I will say that if you don’t have time then don’t listen. I’d hate to think listening to a podcast is stopping someone from being truly productive.